The Moment Everything Changed

15 years ago, I decided to take care of myself and started cycling.

The beginning was tough for me and it led me to search for a supplement that can help. In my search I found that the most popular supplement among pro Athletes is Magnesium. 

Being the entrepreneur that I am, I decided to assemble a team and develop a better absorbing magnesium that will make an impact.

“The needs of Pro athletes to maintain their body guided us in the development of our High Absorption Magnesium. ”

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Thousands of reviews, letters and feedback proved we were right.

The amazing responses from Iron men Athletes, Marathonists and Ultra Marathonists, Triathletes and many other sport’s athletes proved that top edge fast absorbing Magnesium can make the difference between the winner and second places on the podium. 

But it wasn't only Athletes that were excited about our high absorption Magnesium. Thousands of reviews, letters and feedback proved we were right, what is best for Pro Athletes body is excellent for “regular” people’s body.

I still get goose skin reading exciting review of those who suffered for years, from magnesium deficiency side effects, and recovered fully thanks to the supplement we developed. 


Combining Innovation & Science

We keep improving our products and developing new ones.  

• Recently we reduced our capsules size due to better production process. Soon they’ll be in the market.

• We launched a new EZ-MG Magnesium for those with magnesium sensitive stomach.

• We increased the Magnesium concentration in our Recovery Gel which makes it more economical when you apply less gel on each muscle.

We are looking forward to launching new products with unique values in the upcoming years, all based on science, research, and proven results. 

It Works! Get Relief.

David Zelniker
Founder & CEO